General meeting

I wonder why there isn't a general meeting for residents?

In any association it is a rule to have a general meeting once a year, where there's discussions, election of board members, presentation of Carmenvilles economic situation and so on

I have lived here for 2 years now, and nothing has happened.

I asked the office why it didn't happen and got the explanation, that they had tried to have meetings before, but to few came to those meetings.

Ok, but as i see it, it is mandatory to have those meetings, few or many attendants. It is very unacceptable that we as residents don't have any thing to say, don't have influence on who's in the board, don't know how Carmenvilles economy is.

I do not mistrust any at all, i just want to see a democratic system here, where i live. I like to know the economy so i can suggest things that is possible to do.

I will make a complain to CHARA, i want them to hold general meetings once a year, i am a member of a association and i pay my monthly fee . very fine with that, but i do want to see the board, i do want to be able to discuss things about carmenville, i do want to see the financial situation.

I hope many other residents agree with this.

CHARA Office

I want to say that the CHARA office is responding fast and efficient.

We had a tree from a neigh boor, that tree dumped stone hard fruits on our roof, that was very annoying and blocked our roof-drainage system.

After a request to the CHARA office it didn't take long before the tree was cut down. Thank you :-)

Today we had some people driving around in Carmenville, distributing advertising for a Korean Restaurant. We really don't want commercials stiked to our gate and all over Carmenvilles lamp posts. So when we paid our monthly CHARA fee, we noticed that there had already been complaints about it, and the office took action. I appreciate the work they do to keep Carmenville clean, safe and free from advertisings.

Thank you CHARA office, you are doing a great job, and by the way, the staff at the office, the guards and the maintaining staff are always nice, friendly and service minded.


More rules

burning garbage

burning garbage

There's new rules in Carmenville

In the latest newsletter, CHARA write that it is prohibited to burn garbage and dried leaves in our gardens.

That make sense, burning garbage is simply stupid to do, we have garbage collection, so what's the problem and why burn it?

But when it comes to leaves and other natural things i think that rule will be very difficult to keep. We do burn leaves, maybe not dry ones, but fresh leaves and small branches and things from the garden. All natural things and we know that the trees have benefit from the smoke it produce. It is not much smoke and it is absolutely not causing problems for asthmatic people.

So the advice in the newsletter is in one way good – of course we shall not burn garbage, but it let us confused about other things that is good to burn, in small amounts of course. What can we burn? Being considerate to neighbors ofcourse. How about barbecue? That is making a awful smell and burning coal is very harmful. Where is the limit ? what can we do without conflicting rules.

Will it be the same as the rules that don't allow parking on the streets? A lot of streets there's parking on both sides of the street. Some day, in worst case, there will be a fire some where and in worst case the fire department can't get by parked cars. that would have to find other ways around and with that waste of time it can cost lives and surely property.

What will CHARA do with that? Until now nothing is done!

 What about the rules for garbage? Great rules to separate bio and other garbage, but how many do this? I see a lot of places, where you see plastic bags hanging in trees, or even worse, plastic bags just outside the gate. Surely it attract rats and i have seen many rats here.

My point is: It is necessary with rules and regulations and it's for the benefit for all of us, BUT,,, If there's no follow up or consequence of not following rules, they are worth nothing.

Rules are fine, but rules must be made so there's no misunderstanding and rules must be followed up, otherwise they won't have any effect. I am very happy for rules, don't misunderstand, but the rules in Carmenville are neglected by a lot of people and without any consequence. This way rules are worthless.

Lets have rules, but make the rules simple and follow up on rules.

Dogs in Carmenville

There's a lot of dogs in Carmenville, i guess most of them serve as guarding dogs, but also as a family member. At least i hope that.

When we have a dog we have taken a responsebility for that living creature and should of course treat them good and with respect for their nature. Dogs need activation, they need to have something to do to stimulate them. It is not enought to sit in a cage, or be tied up 24 hours a day, or maybe come out, just for some minutes. If we want a good and loyal dog we need to treat them nice.

When we take a walk in Carmenville with our dogs it sounds like hell break loose, when we pass some houses. There are really some dogs that do not like each other – and you can hear that clearly. Dogs do bark, they do make noise, that's their way of communicate. It is not easy to controle barking so i guess we just have to accept it is like that. Sure it is good for warning, if something happens.

One of our dogs is a very big dog, we brought with us from Denmark. It is a breed called "Hovawart", it is German and means "Yard guard". He's nice dog, but a really great guarding dog that will surely guard the house and us with hes life if needed. When we walk hin people cross to the other site of the street, coz he is big and black. I understand, but no need to do it as long he is with me and also i always have him in a leach – so if you pass us – don't worry, he ok and do no harm as long as he is with me.

Some kids think it is fun to tease dogs when they walk by a house, where they can see the dog behind a fence. I hope parents will tell their kids it is a really bad idea to do that. Before we came to Carmenville our dog did like kids, they could play with him without problems. Now he don't like kids anymore, because these kids are teasing him when they walk by. He gets really upset. The worst thing that could happen is if one of the dogs they tease, break loose, that could be a disaster for a kid and for a dog. Surely the dog would be put away, but in a way it is not the dog to blame. Many kids are afraid of dogs, when they see them on the street, if parent could teach them to treat dogs nice, dogs would be nice to them too.

It is really nice to see that CHARA offers a free vacination once a year, that way we can prevent sickness in spreading.

I hope we all can agree that dogs are intelligent animals and should be treated good and with respect.

Latest news from CHARA

I have for a long time ago, send a request to CHARA, that i was was willing to create a website/blog for Carmenville, and the expenses would be mine.

Today i fianally got the answer that CHARA was not ready for a website.

I qoute the answer: ”They don’t need it by now because they are not ready for CHARA website. They have still pending matters  and projects that need to focus. Also some directors and residents  are not hands-on about computer.”

I respect that, even it is hard for me to understand, since i deliver all the work free and deliver a domain and a website totally free. No work for CHARA to do.

So from now the is run be my and not as a official Carmenville website.

It will use it for general information and as a place for debate and discussion for all residents.

There will not be news from the CHARA here, i am sorry to say, i guess we still will have the news in paper form.

With all respect